by Alistair Munro

Top Ten Tips

  • Your physical limits are determined by your brain. Knowing that and thinking about it when you are running will keep you going strong.
  • Have the right mindset. Be aware of your state of mind and remain in the moment.
  • When you feel tension, pain or discomfort. Don’t give in to it but rationalize it as part of the process when you are racing and think about how to work through it.
  • Be clear why you are racing. What the race means to you and what are your goals.
  • Save mantras for when it gets tough. Think about these before the race and be sure to make it personal, meaningful, and positive.
  • Avoid comparison with anyone else. Focus on your goals and yourself.
  • Dream big and believe in yourself.
  • Remind yourself that when you are uncomfortable. It is a short-term problem.
  • Visualise your race.
  • Anticipate and plan for distractions or difficult conditions.
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