Our executive team is a passionate group of committed individuals (who also ju​st happen to be crazy about running!). We understand the power of the flock and strive to make a difference in our community.

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Carrie Scace


Carrie Scace (trail name: Owl) is a writer, runner and mother of two amazing young men. After a long running life of mostly marathoning, she now finds contentment and inspiration on the trails, and particularly adores long days of climbing up and running down mountains. She is constantly inspired by all the Harriers, and is proud to be part of the flock.

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Alistair Munro

Chief Running officer

Alistair is the epitome of a passionate runner. While he loves running fast, he’s insistent on running long term which means he believes in running smart, and always tuning into the joy of running. Having run some of his fastest times after the age of 50 (including a 16:51 5km!), Ali has a specialty in helping masters runners access their potential. Despite his middle-distance speed, Ali’s main love is trail running and he has some epic ultra runs (and wins!) under his belt.

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Ian Kinsella

Director of Membership & Recruitment

Ian Kinsella is in charge of memberships and recruitment for Toronto Harriers and runs a recruitment business for the technology industry by day.
Ian is an Irishman (from Dublin) who came to Toronto in 2017 and has been making his mark on the Toronto running scene ever since. He is a strong road runner (a 2:33 marathoner) but loves racing on the trails. This year Ian will be embracing the trails and running several ultra trail races in the US and Canada.  

sarah stern

Sarah Stern

Events and racing

Sarah Stern started running in 2011 when, through work, she got the chance to enter the New York City Marathon. She admits to having no idea what she was getting herself into and absolutely no idea how much running was involved in getting to the start line. She eventually ran New York in 2015, and shortly thereafter decided that she really did like running. During the day, Sarah builds partnerships that increase the capacity of individuals and communities to access good, healthy food. Sarah is really proud to be part of the Harriers, a community filled with runners who inspire and are inspired by each other.

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Christa Plumley


As the mother of three and a technology lawyer, Christa appreciates the balance and perspective that running provides her. Above all she cherishes the friendships and sense of community the Harriers has brought her.

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Gila Ossip


Gila Ossip is a CPA and owner of Livelihood, a payroll service provider for families that employ nannies, elder caregivers and other domestic staff. She is a proud mom to 2 teenagers who love to keep her on her toes. Gila loves to run, likes to occasionally race and really enjoys spending time with the Toronto Harriers community.

Feite Kraay


Feite began running in 2009 when he was signed up to a local 5K running clinic as a father’s day gift. Two years later he ran his first marathon, and has never looked back. He continues to race all distances from 5K to marathon and with Harriers coaching he’s still getting faster as he gets older. As a technology executive and father of two teenagers, he has found running to be the perfect way to maintain fitness and invest in self-care. He can often be found running around the streets of mid-town Toronto and his happy place is running loops around Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

Cory Freedman


Cory Freedman is a lifelong runner, who started running at the age of 14, when she saw people running in the Toronto Marathon and thought it would be cool to run more than 5K.
More than 40 years later, Cory is still running and is a three-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, including the World Triathlon Championships in Hawaii, and has also completed more than a dozen marathons, 50+ half marathons, multiple adventure races, duathlons, road and mountain bike events at home and abroad.
Cory’s favorite running routes include the Beltline Trail and other midtown “go to” routes.
As founder and owner of MAX VO2 Management Inc., Cory has successfully mixed business with a passion for endurance events. In 2009, she launched the Toronto Womens Run Series which now, fifteen years later, is one of the most established women’s running series in Canada, seeing more than 50,000 girls and women cross the finish line over a variety of distances.

Nir Meltzer


Nir has been active all of his life, spending a great deal of his youth playing baseball, hockey & basketball. As he got older, Nir realized that team sports didn’t quite provide enough healthy returns, and he took up running in 2003. 

He hasn’t looked back since, running many races from 5Ks to marathons. Not only has running provided Nir with a much healthier mental & physical lifestyle but, in his own words, “I feel great, am happy and grateful to have met so many wonderful people over the years. Living in Toronto, and the beaches in particular, there is no excuse not to get out the door for a run.” If you run in the beaches, most likely Nir has waved or wished you a good morning. Waking up early is very easy when you have three cats for an alarm clock! Nir always makes time for coffee after the run, and has gathered a community around him, most notably the Thankful Thursday bunch, who you’ll see each week blazing down the Leslie Spit, chatting up a storm and feeling, well, thankful.

When not running, Nir is very active volunteering and working with several charities. He is also one of the founding members of The Beaches Runners Club (BRC).

Previous Years

2022 – 2023 – I Kinsella, C Freedman, F Kraay, A Munro, G Ossip, C Plumley, C Scace and S Stern

2021 – 2022 – I Kinsella, F Kraay, A Munro, G Ossip, C Plumley, C Scace, S Stern and S Zelazo.

2019 – 2021 – A Blackwell, I Kinsella, A Munro, G Ossip, C Plumley, C Scace, S Stern and S Zelazo.