Club coaching is integral to Toronto Harriers. Our team of dedicated coaches will be there to help you with your weekly workouts and give you guidance for the weekend long club runs. This will not only help you achieve your personal running goals but also help reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Coaching for the Quality Sessions will occur weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Paying for an 8 week coaching block will include:

  • Weekly email that includes the Tuesday/Wednesday workout details to be sent by 4pm on Monday afternoons 
  • Tuesday/Wednesday workout with two workout options: one for 5k/10k/track runners and one for half marathon/marathon runners
  • Additional workout options for runners who have paid for personal programming where they have chosen races whose dates differ from the chosen club goal races
  • Treadmill option 
  • Website with lots of resources including pace tables, run routes, strength and mobility routines and coaches corners
  • Thursday easy group run with drills and strides
  • Saturday long run with progression and race paced quality leading to club goal races 
  • Assigned coach who will lead each session
  • Email correspondence for straightforward general enquiries and advice 
  • Access to the coach of your choice for personal programming, consults, personal training, pool running, nutrition plans and any other services that is their area of expertise. The fee for these services will be determined independently of the club. Please ask your preferred coach for his/her prices.