In January, 2019, a committed group of runners founded the Toronto Harriers, united by a shared vision of how performance and strong community could come together to produce a sum greater than its parts. Three years later, the Harriers have become one of the premier running clubs in Toronto, growing to over 120 dedicated athletes, competing on road, trail and track. 

The resilience of the Club and its athletes showed itself in spades when COVID brought training and racing together to a halt. We had to reset goals, show our mental toughness, and find that extra gear — and we rose to the challenge beautifully. We adapted to being together while being apart in creative, fun ways: virtual running challenges, monthly Harriers Happy Hour with guest speakers, a book club, and Zoom year-end celebrations. Through hard work and dedication, we emerged stronger than ever, both in body and spirit.

As we go forward, we remain just as committed to unlocking the potential in all our athletes, and nurturing a community that is built on openness, kindness, and support. It’s about working in small steps, over and over and over, to find rewards through and beyond the finish line. It is hard work. It is play. It is everything.