Harriers Harrier

The power of our Harriers flock is infinite: we certainly fly strongest as a group. But within that flock are individuals who inspire others to reach for bigger goals, either by their own determination, by their capacity to lead, or by their unrelenting support of all those around them. This is a Harriers Harrier. 

  • Ian Kinsella

Supporter of the Year

  • Andy Blackwell – Winner
  • Douglas Thomas
  • Sandra Cheung

Best Trail / Ultra Performance

  • Karen Holland – Winner
  • Janet Duga

Performance of the Year – Male

  • Jim Dyck
  • Jason Faber – Winner
  • Jochen Tilk
  • Chris van der Water
  • Matt Scace
  • Tim Fowler

Performance of the Year – Female

  • Karen Holland
  • Katherine Watson
  • Liz Schad – Winner
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