Harriers are a rarified breed of never just one thing.

Running keeps those many parts of us intact. We run because we must. Because it’s a means to an end. Because it allows us to move in and out of ourselves. Because we’re chasing goals, or each other. Because our lives are full and dynamic and complex. Because we’re better at everything when we run. Because we don’t believe in barriers—not in sport or in life.

Harriers run together because the loneliness of the long-distance runner is real.

Because some of the most revealing conversations happen stride for stride in silence. Because running is both an escape and an arrival. Because believing in each other helps us believe in ourselves. Because the power of the flock is infinite.

Harriers Journal

Harriers Awards 2023

Harriers Harrier The power of our Harriers flock is infinite: we certainly fly strongest as a group. But within that flock are individuals who inspire others to reach for bigger goals, either by their own Read more…

Why run with us?



We value teamwork, collaboration and partnership. Every voice is heard and we work together to build a network of strong relationships.



Finding joy in running is essential to the Harriers but that doesn't mean we aren't performance-oriented. On the contrary, the Harriers know the joy of helping each other reach new levels of fitness, speed, and strength. We are better together.



We are dedicated runners who are dedicated to running. We love sharing our passion for the sport with others. The Harriers find inspiration daily on the road, track, and trails.

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